THE SWIMMING POOL : opening hours 10h till 12h30 and 2h till 7h pm .

    Shorts are not allowed!

    Life at Camp site Beau Rivage**** is often associated with activities linked to water and to the pool, which is a lovely way to cool down during the heat of our summer months.
    Off season you can also freely enjoy bathing and swimming as our pool is then heated.

    Our bathing area is composed of three parts.

    Swimming pool fitted with jacuzzi area

    Offers massage and relaxation for your back
    Wellness and pleasure guaranteed.
    For the pleasure of our sporty guests, a course of aquafitness is proposed in this pool  3 times a week

    Paddling pool adjacent to the main pool

    In this pool the depth of the water is never more than 50 cm. Hence children can enjoy bathing in all safety under the surveillance of their parents.

    Playful paddling pool

    This paddling pool, which has been created for the pleasure of the little ones has a depth of 25 cm.
    It is fitted with a mini slide, jellyfish, fountains…

    The coolness of a swimming pool…. 
    The happiness of the little ones…..
    The pleasure of the big ones…..

    « Sunshine for everybody….. »